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Three Families, One Mission

About Us


Develop profitable services in technology, education, and Moʻomeheu Hawaiʻi-Hawaiian culture that will solve community needs in partnership with nonprofit and community stakeholders.


  • Aloha means HUA - to Hear, Understand, and Acknowledge/Act in line with what is Pono (recognizing first Ke Akua-God, Kūpuna-Ancestors/Elders, Makua-needs of the adults to set the example for the Opio-youth)

  • Innovation - finding solutions to needs through technology, new concepts, and community collaborations.

  • Community - Identify community needs and facilitate community-driven solutions.


  • We envision our HIVA & Smart Tourism™ services revolutionizing the tourism industry to benefit the Kanaka Maoli-Native Hawaiian community that will be replicable, scalable, and modular across the State of Hawaiʻi. Our technology solution will be a catalyst providing data-driven solutions to a broad spectrum of industries and government agencies in Hawaiʻi and beyond.

  • We envision our Score Star service impacting competitive events throughout schools and communities. Event organizers from any field of competition can reduce wasted time, paper, and personnel to facilitate engaging events that can be judged remotely and in person.

  • We envision our HOPE edutainment service impacting education for inclusivity of native stories and perspectives. Teachers will be able to provide a richer understanding of culture and acceptance for indigenous communities. Subscription-based services will drive content development and support indigenous communities.

  • We envision our Ka Momi Cultural Productions bringing to stage the stories and history of the Kanaka Maoli-Native Hawaiian community. Productions shall be from Kanaka Maoli sourced materials interpreted by Kanaka Maoli teachers, cultural experts, and artists. The presentations will accurately present a Kanaka Maoli worldview of their story.

Technology Services

Hawaii Immersive Virtual Applications HIVA

Hawaii Immersive Virtual Applications (HIVA) is an Application Service Provider (ASP) and a reseller of cutting-edge 3-Dimension and Artificial Intelligence technology with IoT (Internet of Things) LiDAR devices.

IoT LiDAR devices create 3-Dimensional pictures of surroundings without compromising an individual's privacy. Applications apply primarily to the security and retail space. Our instruments are in use throughout the world in critical infrastructure, hotels, shopping centers, residential areas, government facilities, city traffic management, and highly visited tourist destinations.

Smart Tourism™

As an ASP, we conceptualize how technology and data-driven solutions serve the community's needs and proudly announce Smart Tourism™ - a tourism management solution.

Maui Island is our targeted area to implement our Smart Tourism™ solution. We look to bring economic resilience to Kanaka Maoli-Native Hawaiian artists and communities that look to gain from the 18 billion dollar tourism industry.

Score Star

Event and competition scoring made simple! Score Star is a smart solution to events and competitions requiring paper scores where judges will use any smart device to input a graded score. The digital score sheets are verifiable against the system databae ensuring a redundent system to keep the integrity of a competition.

Scores will flow from a judge's smart device to the cloud where it is calculated, tabulated, and presented in real-time to event participants through web and mobile apps.

Learn more of what Score Star can do for your competitive event.

Cultural & Education Services


An Education/Entertainment (Edutainment) service focused on expressing and amplifying indigenous stories and perspectives through engaging media content that is classroom-ready for teachers to integrate into lesson plans.

Ka Momi Cultural Productions

Ka Momi - The Great Pearl takes its name from an account of King Kalakaua while he was on his world tour. As a cultural production company, Ka Momi focuses on sharing Hawaiʻi's stories and values. The company standard is that every production must be worthy for the King or "Moʻi Worthy."


Paulo Faleafine Jr

Chief Executive Officer

Email: paulo@ohanaekolu.com

Wilmont "Kamaunu" Kahaialii

Kanaka Maoli, Community & Investor Relations

Email: wilmont@ohanaekolu.com

Kaiaka Adarna

Technology Development & Strategic Alliances

Email: kaiaka@ohanaekolu.com

Phone: 808-736-7006

Mail: 153 E. Kamehameha Ave STE 104 PMB 223, Kahului, HI 96732